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It's (not) all about make-up

We believe in a form of beauty that totally respect the environment and your skin

Natural origin

Our products are 100% natural origin.

Essential basics

We work with essencial make up, because we focus our line on everyday products, turning your make up routine into a skincare routine.

Skincare Make up

Our formulation include skincare active ingredients. So you can take of yourself while enhancing your beauty.


Our formulations are 100% accessible.
We want to give you access to our formulations so that we can
guarantee each and every one of the promises and commitments behind our brand and products.

Our beauty brand plans to overcome the functionality of makeup encouraging good habits that include functional and beneficial beauty routines. For this reason, we use natural active ingredients in high percentages for products that grant tangible benefits over time. In order to do this, we drew inspiration from nature, the respect of which guides all our actions.

We are proud to have the possibility to state that our products, all exclusively made in Italy, grant effective and safe formulae created with high quality ingredients and conceived to protect and enhance all skin types.