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A good beauty habit

The Brand that turns your make up routine into a skincare routine

pure foundation

Natural fluid foundation

extension booster

Natural fluid foundation

We take care of our formulations, to guarantee you natural beauty and delicate care.

Natural origin

95% - 100% Natural origin ingredients

ISO 16128

To ensure the highest quality and safety at any times

Skin-friendly active ingredients

Our active ingredients enhance your natural beauty, because they take care of your skin from the inside, so it looks good on the outside. Aleskin is not just make-up, it's also skin care.

Free from harm

Our products are free of anything that is not good for you and the environment.:
▪ 0% Animal origin ingredients
▪ 0% Mineral oils
▪ 0% Petrolates
▪ 0% Silicon oils
▪ 0% Volatile silicones
▪ 0% Parabens for a more sustainable cosmetic